December 11, 2020 - Reading time: 2 minutes


Though I just wrote a bit in About Me, I'd like to introduce you to my intentions for the website and give a general layout.

Social media is fine for sharing, but posts and topics get buried over time. I wanted a persistent space to write about my interest in fiber and textiles. My hope is to maintain documentation of projects and resources for like-minded people and perhaps provide some insights or unique perspectives that are not common in the fiber world today. Possibilities I'd like to include are:

  • links to resources
  • personal essays on the subject
  • recommended books and authors
  • highlights of people working in the fiber world today
  • historical context
  • my projects

I would like to know more about the sustainable world of fiber, empowering people to make their own clothes, wear things differently, use fair trade, local, living-wage, ethical fashion, etc. etc. et cetera. To dress yourself and be warm without exploiting or damaging a person, animal or the environment in the process.

This site is designed with Bludit a free and open-source website and blog platform. I'm attempting to write most of my posts in [Markdown] a new-to-me lightweight markup language to format text on the web. I have a preference for free and open-source software, and use it wherever I can. I feel it democratizes the internet as well as our hardware. Images are edited using GIMP on a computer I built running Ubuntu.

About me

December 8, 2020 - Reading time: 2 minutes

Hi, I'm Jeffery. I started this blog to document my interest in fiber and craft, and how my hobby intersects social and cultural issues in the present as well as the past.

I'm an oddball. I have ADHD, so my interest in hobbies can get intense with my ability to hyper-focus, while other times I have great difficulty holding my attention to something I'm not actively interested in. I also identify as gender-queer. Frankly, this means to me that I don't spend a whole lot of mental energy deciding on if a project is masculine enough or feminine enough. If I want to make it/wear it I will. I have also been diagnosed with PTSD. I often shy away from aggression and situations with the potential for conflict. This could explain my lack of presence on social media.

I have always been intensely creative and introverted. At a young age I preferred a drawing pad and crayons over toys and other children. In my teens, I graduated to 35mm SLR photography and a bit after that I inherited my grandma's sewing machine and learned how to crochet. I also loved to write, and always had notebooks filled with short stories, poetry and non-fiction. (Some of my writing might still be laying around the web on old blogs.)

Lately I've become an avid knitter and spinner (spinning fiber into yarn.) I belong to the Desert Weavers and Spinners guild and the Knitting guild of the Desert. I have a few drop spindles and a navajo spindle, a drum carder, a Woolmaker's Bliss spinning wheel, an Electric Eel Wheel Nano, (in purple, of course) and a Babe Bulky Production spinning wheel.


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